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Here you will see a range of my work which consists of pencil drawings using a combination of graphite and coloured pencils to produce my work


I hope you enjoy looking at my work, if you have any questions or if you would be interested in any commissioned work please e mail me at mail@dmdrawings.co.uk




Drawing of the Month – October 2017 -  “Ullswater”

One of my favourite parts of the English Lake District is Ullswater. With three separate stretches to the lake and surrounded by breathtaking fells it is a dream subject for any artist! This particular drawing is of a view close to Glenridding that looks northwards with the rugged outline of Long Crag on the far side of the lake. I had initially thought about doing a colour drawing of this part of the lake but chose black and white because of the amazing reflections and ripples across the water that I wanted to emphasise in my drawing. Using a limited range of graphite pencil from 2H to 4B, I spent many hours trying to recreate that “watery” effect and in the end I was pleased with the outcome which justified my decision to keep to a simple black and white pencil drawing.




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