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Here you will see a range of my work which consists of pencil drawings using a combination of graphite and coloured pencils to produce my work


I hope you enjoy looking at my work, if you have any questions or if you would be interested in any commissioned work please e mail me at mail@dmdrawings.co.uk


Drawing of the Month - October 2018 - "Talkin Tarn"

This is a drawing I did some time ago of the beautiful Talkin Tarn in north east Cumbria close to my home town of Brampton. Being late autumn when I did the drawing, I tried to introduce some subtle autumnal colours which is a spectacular feature of this area at this time of year. The view has changed a lot since I did the drawing with the gate and fence on the right having had to be taken down, but I was so pleased to have produced the drawing when I did as the fence created some  perspective and depth to the drawing to help create a nice overall composition.




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