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Here you will see a range of my work which consists of pencil drawings using a combination of graphite and coloured pencils to produce my work


I hope you enjoy looking at my work, if you have any questions or if you would be interested in any commissioned work please e mail me at mail@dmdrawings.co.uk


  Drawing of the Month – November 2017 - "Canada Goose"

Most of my pencil work over the years has been of landscapes and buildings, but a few years ago I decided to break into wildlife drawings. The Canada Goose is a recent drawing I have completed inspired by the many that can be seen at this time of the year at Talkin Tarn, close to where I live in north east Cumbria. With the Canada Goose not having a vivid plumage, I decided to inject a bit more colour into the drawing by using blue paper to create a softer background for the drawing. I took particular care to create a watery ripple effect by using a 4B graphite pencil and a white pastel pencil to create touches of light in the water around the goose which helped to create the effect of movement in the drawing. This has inspired me to try other different backgrounds by using different coloured paper for some of my drawings



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